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The Ultimate Backup Program Period!

  Morse Computer Repair and Services is now offering "The Ultimate" backup solution for those people who's Lives depend on their computers. We backup not only your valuable data but your entire computer! This is a two part solution that will guarantee that no matter what disaster happen's, your computer will be up and running again in the shortest amount of time.

Part I: MPCS has now joined forces with Vault Logix. A premier, super secure, backup company providing backup to over 5,000 business clients worldwide. We are now offering totally secure On-line backup that is SAS 70 Type 2 compliant. This simply means that any sort data that is required to be absolutely safe and secure such as banks, doctors offices, lawyers etc will be "totally secure". Period! Other companies like Carbonite, Mozy and Acronis doesn't come anywhere close. In the world of on-line Backup you get what you pay for. If you demand that your Data is both Totally safe and totally secure this program is for you.

This is what you get for your money:
• Super Secure SAS 70 Type II compliant backup
• Redundancy. Your data is stored in not one but TWO tier 4 data centers.
• Fully automated backups both local and off site.
• Proprietary technology with a trusted company.
• Secure online transfer of fully encrypted data to an offsite data center.
• Regular backups are stored safely locally and remotely.
• Sound basis for business continuity planning - whatever happens, your data is safe.
• Cost-effective solution with an all-inclusive monthly service charge.
• 24 x 7 live customer support
Our state of the art, Tier 4 Data Centers Data Center Locations:
• Marlboro, MA
• Waltham, MA
• Hammond, LA
• Toronto, ON, Canada


Part II: We create a "snapshot" of your entire Computer(s). In the event of fire, theft, virus or cataclysmic system failure what would you do? It could take days to reload your Operation System, Programs, device drivers, user accounts, e-mail setup, network shares etc. That is, "IF" you can find all the software CD's and setup information. What we do for you is we create an exact duplicate of your hard drive thus protecting your entire system "exactly" the way it is! This one two PUNCH approach protects your data and your system. Nobody else offers this.



What is the Cost?
Part I Cost: Don’t be fooled by competitors offering inferior products at discounted prices. We offer state of the art SAS 70 Type 2 Compliant cloud backup solution for only $49.95 / month. This buys you 25GB of safe, totally secure data backup up with no hidden costs. For those large volume users it is only $0.70 for each additional GB.

Part II Cost: Although you are not required to perform Part II we highly recommend it. There is just a small one time charge of $75 plus the cost of the hard drive. We stock a full inventory of hard drives at very competitive prices or bring in your own. On site service is also available.

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