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Just like a car if you don't tune-up your Computer it will become slower over time and start to experience problems. Let a professional tune-up your system for peak performance and security. Our tune-up will make your computer run like new! We can tune-up a computer usually within one hour. Services cover the flowing areas:
*   Remove unnecessary programs from starting
*   Update virus software and check for viruses
*   Uninstall unnecessary programs
*   Check registry settings for best performance.
*   Delete "trash" and temporary files
*   Remove unnecessary network settings
*   Fine-tune display settings
*   Run diagnostic software and correct disk/directory errors
*   De-fragment the hard drive for better performance
** Clean interior of case and remove all dust

**Dust Cleaning - The Deadliest Computer Disease**
Dust is the silent Computer killer. A virus will ruin your data or freeze your Computer, but dust can destroy your hardware through heat build up or in extreme cases, cause a fire. Major computer publications always recommend a cleaning the inside of your computer once every 6 months and at a minimum, a full cleaning every year.

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